Afroz Shah

Advocate Afroz Shah is an Indian lawyer and environmental activist from Mumbai. He is best known for organizing the world’s largest beach clean-up project, which has grown into a movement that has inspired people around the world to clean up their surrounding environment.

In 2016, Shah was named by the United Nations as a Champion of the Earth for leading the clean-up of Mumbai’s Versova Beach.

Shah partnered with the Dawoodi Bohra‘s Turning the Tide campaign to remove plastic from the Mithi River and Dana Pani beach in Mumbai.

Inspired by Afroz Shah’s effort to clean beaches in Mumbai, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) launched the Clean Seas campaign globally

Inspired by Afroz Shah’s effort to clean beaches in Mumbai, the [United Nations Environment Programme|United Nations Environment Program] launched the Clean Seas campaign globally.

To Tackle the problem of marine litter, Afroz Shah works every week by doing the following actions on the ground;

1.Cleanup of the existing waste like [[plastic]] etc.

2.Stopping the creation of new waste[constant littering]

4.Empowering the local citizens to own up their own waste so that a long term sustainable solution is set in motion in the command area where the training is imparted to the citizens.

5.Involving plastic producers to become a part of the solution to tackle marine litter ,involving policy makers,ministers,governance setup and legislatures to develop laws, policy, regulation, rules, guidelines

Afroz Shah At Dana Pani Beach