1.  Human ocean conflict is primarily located along the geographical        boundaries of the land and the ocean where large human         settlements living squalid condition, storm water drains in      urban cities, rivers flowing into the ocean.

2.  The problem of marine litter has erupted in three             place/space:

a.       Waste (primarily plastic etc.) has entered the ocean and            found huge Plastic Island called ocean gyres;

b.       The coast line i.e. beaches, mangroves, estuary and the   boundary of the land and ocean.

c.       In the mindset of the people living in human ocean          conflict zone (waste is not properly handled, habit of        littering and loss of sense of belonging to the planet etc.

3.  The explosion of the problem of marine litter has had deep,                  adverse negative and pervasive impact on the following:

a.       Health of the Ocean;

b.       Health/habitat of the Marine Species;

c.       Health and the mindset of people living in human – ocean                    conflict zone;

d.       Right to a clean ocean/beach for a healthy human being;

e.       Right to health of citizens living in human ocean conflict           zone;

f.        Right to livelihood of citizens living in human ocean                   conflict zone.

4.  To tackle the problem of marine litter, following actions will have        to be taken;

a.       Cleaning of the existing waste (plastic etc.);

b.       Stopping the creation of new waste (constant littering);

c.       Training of people to adopt circular economy and to beat           plastic condition.

d.       Empowering the local citizens to own up their own waste so that a long term sustainable solution is set in motion in the command area where the training is imparted to the citizens.

e.       Involving plastic producers to become a part of the solution to tackle marine litter.

f.        Involving policy makers, ministers, governance setup and legislatures to develop laws, policy, regulation, rules, guidelines etc. to tackle marine litter.